If you have file cabinets taking up space, storage units filled with boxes of documents that you are required to keep or just want to make it easier to find documents; Clausen Technology Group can help.  Document imaging is an approved method of data storage.


Clausen Technology Group can take your files and scan them into an easy to search database thus freeing up space.

Here’s how it works:

1. We work with you to decide the best indexing strategy for your company.  For example if you are a defense attorney, you may want to be able to search files by client name, cause number, court date, judge.  Human resources can search by employee name, date of hire, etc.
2. Clausen Technology Group will then set up a custom database based on your index strategy.
3. We then pick up a group of documents and take them to our secure facility for scanning.
4. Once some of the documents are scanned, we will provide you with a database and software and review the indexing strategy with you.
5. After making any necessary revisions, we will proceed to scan your remaining documents and provide you with timely updates as they are scanned.
6. After the files are scanned, we can have the originals shredded or store them for a period of time for you before they are shredded.

If we are working on a group of documents for you and you need a file in the group, just give us a call. We will look up the document, scan it immediately and bring it to you, all free of charge. We can also fax or email it if that is more convenient for you.

We can scan and index your documents for as little as 7.5 cents per page. The price for an average banker box starts as low at $150.00. This price includes the database software too! Pricing is based on number of pages, staples, paperclips, color, size of the document, etc.  Each job is different, so to make sure we provide you with the best possible deal, we will scan a sample of your documents at no charge. We will return the documents and provide you with the scanned sample and the software to view it. We can then provide you with a quote that best fits your needs.

We are not limited to just documents.  We can digitize recordings and put them in the database.  We can scan building plans, maps, etc.  Using our system, you will be able to search through your documents in fantastic new ways.

Reclaim your Space!
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